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On-Site Activities

Situated on 30 acres, in the northeast corner of Holmes County, Ohio, Sojourner’s Lodge is a quiet countryside oasis for travelers visiting Amish Country. Here are the on-site activities that our guests enjoy:

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Woodland Trails
We currently have three well-maintained hiking trails that meander throughout our woods. Two of these trails are connected by a 60-foot bridge that spans the width of a ravine. There are two small creeks that flow through the woods and into our pond. Take a break on your walk by sitting on a bench and enjoying the peaceful environment. Our woods feature many varieties of hardwoods including Beech, Maples, Oak, Cherry, Hickory and many more, along with beautiful flora including a variety of wildflowers that put on a beautiful springtime show. There are some furry and feathered friends you may spot as well, such as squirrels, chipmunks, White-tailed Deer, Barred Owls, a wide variety of birds and other friendly faces to be on the lookout for as you stroll along your way. If you want to hike or walk more, we are located only 5 minutes from The Wilderness Center, which is a fabulous place to explore more of Ohio’s woodlands and fields. The Dundee Waterfalls is only a 10-minute drive, where you can hike to several waterfalls.

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Sojourner’s Pond
We have a 3-acre pond where one can enjoy the view of the water and fields beyond while sitting on the two-person swing bench or by strolling by the pond. The pond attracts lots of wildlife including a variety of waterfowl, fish, turtles, and bullfrogs. Pack a picnic lunch and sit under one of the three large Maple trees located beside the pond. Other activities that guests enjoy doing at the pond include napping on a blanket, reading a book, meditating, and just enjoying the peacefulness of the water.

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Fire Pits
Both the lodge and cabin suites have a firepit. The firepits are professionally designed and landscaped so guests can enjoy a cozy fire while taking in the beautiful flowerbeds surrounding it. The firepits have plenty of seating for guests to enjoy a cookout, a night under the stars, and the warmth from a crackling fire. We do provide firewood, kindling, and newspaper for guests to build their own fire. There is also a steel grate guests can use for cooking on.


Flower Gardens
Whether you are a guest at the lodge or the cabin suites, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the flower gardens. With a wide variety of flowers and shrubbery designed to provide blooms from spring to late fall, there is always something beautiful to see and smell. We love planting varieties that attract the birds and the bees so oftentimes guests see House Finches, hummingbirds, and honey bees stopping for a sniff too.

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Durstine Road
Tucked away on Durstine Road, Sojourner’s Lodge is a neighbor to many Amish farms and is surrounded by the gently rolling hills of Amish Country. Take a walk, run, bike ride, or drive down our road and the connecting roads and delight in beauty of large farms along the way. There are horses and cows grazing in the pastures, sheep dotting the hillsides, and donkeys, mules, and ponies to greet you as you pass by. Not to mention, the gorgeous landscape on every side. From fence rows with wildflowers adorning them to farm fields with the sun setting in the back drop, it’s wise to have your camera ready because there is so much beauty to capture on Durstine Road!


Bicycling and Jogging
Our road and the surrounding area are perfect for bicyclers and joggers alike! Bring your bike or rent one because there are nice, quiet roads to go down and bike trails nearby to explore. If you would like for us to set up a bike rental for you, just let us know and we would be happy to arrange some bicycle rentals for you to enjoy while you are here.

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